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Application Management Services

AMS stands for application management services. H-Desk Pro, an AMS company, provides programming and support services for major point-of-sale (POS), Microsoft Office and Share Point applications.

Benefits of outsourcing application management include:

• 100% cost efficient. No wasted employee time compared to in-house support.
• Out-of-channel support is less costly than in-channel support.
• Employees cannot alter financial data.
• Certified application management specialists always on staff.
• Security and system support can be managed by a single vendor.
• Easy access to forensic data for security or financial events.
• Insured coverage for business loss, data breach liability (PCI-DSS), catastrophic system failures, equipment replacement, and costs of recovery from covered events. *

Fractional NOCs & Cost Efficiency

Network operations serve as the command center of the enterprise. It monitors the heartbeat of IT operations and manages the health and well-being of systems. From printers to servers, and from servers to the cloud, the network operations center, or NOC, keeps mission-critical systems up and running.

Nevertheless, small and medium enterprise in general cannot justify an in-house NOC because of costs and inefficient utilization. Consider instead if you could hire just the support team that manages your IT infrastructure and not the company itself. Instead of paying operating costs of the company plus a markup for profit, you could pay the direct costs of labor and buy only the amount of time you need. The result would be that you could reduce your IT support expenses by something like 30-50% and realize substantial savings for the same quality support. This is what we call a fractional NOC, and it allows you to buy only what you need and nothing more.

This then is the H-Desk Pro business model. Our company is structured to deliver maximum value with superior customer service provided by trained and certified support engineers. Structured as a professional practice group, each engineer maintains their own IT practice, and groups and teams are assembled on demand. The result is improved customer outcomes with superior delivery of services at more favorable price points.

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