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Remote monitoring

RMM stands for remote monitoring and management. Remote monitoring is the ongoing surveillance of systems and networks through probes and detectors used to monitor the health and performance of the IT ecosystem of an enterprise. The objective is to detect and prevent problems before they occur. It’s a proactive approach meant to minimize issues and lower client’s total cost of ownership, or TCO.

Remote management

Remote management is the practice of managing the IT assets of a client remotely. When problems are detected through monitoring of IT systems they can be resolved remotely in most cases, and often with minimal or no interruption. The objective is to minimize onsite break-fix service calls and associated expenses.

H-Desk RMM Services

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) can mean various things to various people. Objectives can vary from organization to organization. However, for hospitality and retail clients at H-Desk Pro it represents a 360° holistic overview of the enterprise that can provide:

• Ongoing PCI-DSS compliance monitoring
• Automated controls to detect theft and fraud
• End-point security
• Mobile device management
• Scheduled patch management to keep systems up to date
• Malware and antivirus monitoring with a 4-hour SLA on incidents
• Intrusion detection and prevention
• Monitoring of all network addressable devices
• Detection of issues to prevent critical system failures
• Disaster mitigation and recovery
• Optimization of IT systems and network stability

Designed specifically for mission-critical applications in retail and hospitality, H-Desk Pro approaches RMM from the perspective of the enterprise first. More than just programmers, engineers and technicians, our roots began in the retail and hospitality industry more than two decades ago. We understand the business because we have been in it. This is the differentiator with H-Desk Pro. We design and implement business solutions matched with IT systems and manage it all to provide exceptional service that speaks directly to your needs.

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