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With average costs of data breaches estimated at $7.91 million USD per incident and rising, the importance of a robust patch and upgrade management solution cannot be understated.1 Yet, many firms choose to ignore the risk for various reasons.

An organization may have many operating systems within its IT sphere. Also, it can operate many more applications that can break when certain updates are implemented. Tracking, testing, and managing patches and updates under these conditions can be costly, and business interruptions to apply them only compound the problem. Instead, many organizations choose to overlook risks in a perceived effort to cut costs to allocate funds toward producing their primary product. But, doing so may have unintended consequences costing far more than any savings gained. Likewise, applying patches and updates one machine at time can open large gaps in security and become difficult if not impossible to manage.

Managing and Mitigating Risks

Minimizing interruption to the business while considering its unique environment, planned and systematic patch management can be applied without taking remote control of endpoints. This minimizes down time for maintenance and assures business continuity.

To realize this H-Desk Pro probes deep to document and understand your organization’s unique IT ecosystem. Documentation is key to tracking and managing your IT infrastructure, and the efficient delivery of IT services. It can, in many instances, cut support costs up by to fifty percent. By implementing a best practices framework upfront, support issues can be cross-referenced with documentation to quickly identify and resolve issues often in half the time.    

The H-Desk Pro Approach

Our approach to patch and update management is the result many years of experience in production environments with custom applications. With custom or highly modified applications, such as POS for retail and hospitality for example, specific environments are often required. To assure success we maintain emulated computer test environments that replicate actual production environments. Patches and upgrades are tested here first, and any problems are identified. Any necessary tweaks or modifications are then developed, applied, and retested prior to rollout. In this way we work to assure to every degree possible that rollouts of patches and upgrades will be successful with minimal interruption to end users.

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