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AMS’s proprietary information and analytics (I&A) are designed to provide insight into profits, costs, and operations. Answering the what, where, why, when, who and how of food and beverage operations, it provides timely and actionable data-driven insights that are used to optimize profit and drive performance.

Using data from IoT devices, POS, video, inventory, and other sources, AMS employs a set of algorithms to detect variances that can identify areas of success, opportunities for improvement, and areas of concern. This is analyzed further for comparative trends to prior and previous periods and compared to model data from select peer groups for performance relative to the group. Exception reports are generated and coded according to level of concern and used to create action plans to improve operations.

I&A services answer questions such as:

• What are my most profitable items and promotions?
• Where am I making or losing money and how?
• Why are my food/beverage costs rising?
• When are problems occurring and who or what is responsible?
• Who are my top performing employees, and who needs improvement?
• How can I control for variables like shrinkage that affect profit?

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