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Technology in commercial real estate (CRE) has strained to keep pace with advancements in some other sectors and the tech sector in general. Landlord or property managers in the retail leasing space continue to look for creative ways to support or increase lease rates and reduce vacancies.

H-Desk Pro offers CRE professionals new tools to support rents, increase the fair market value (FMV) of properties, and employ IT as a profit center to reduce vacancy rates. If your tenants include food service or retail operations, H-Desk Pro offers solutions that can potentially double rents and increase the FMV of your property. *

For more information real estate attorneys, commercial property managers, investment groups, and landlords can contact a H-Desk Pro customer representative to discuss your needs further using the contact form on this page.

* Invesments in IT infrastructure in this category may qualify for substantial tax benefits under IRS Section 179. By expensing deprecialbe assets allowable under the code, 100-percent of investment in this category up to $1,000,000 in 2019 can be deducted as operating expense. Tax advice is neither offered or represented on this site, and further information should be obtained by consulting your preferred tax professional.

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