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AMS H-Desk Pro™ provides “out-of-channel” Help Desk and on-demand IT support services to Food & Beverage (F&B) and retail operators and their franchisees. Born from a background in each of these sectors, we understand well cost constraints in increasingly competitive markets. As such, we work to provide you with industry-leading support solutions through unique programs that provide everything from self-help technical guidance to fully managed solutions.

With unique Third-party management solutions designed for owners and investors in food services and retail property leasing, we provide everything from A-to-Z to operate profitably without direct day-to-day involvement. Through AMS H-Desk Pro™ real estate services, retail property managers, owners, and investment groups can now achieve rents greater than fair market value (FMV) and increase the FMV of their multi-tenant properties overall.

Another group benefiting from our Third-party management solutions are F&B owners seeking alternatives to franchising and succession planning. Whether you are looking for growth but want to maintain control of the enterprise without franchising or are seeking to retire but want to keep the business in the family, Third-party management solutions from AMS H-Desk Pro™ can help you achieve it.

What is out-of-channel Support?  

We're often asked what out-of-channel IT support is, and how can it benefit me?  The best way to answer this is by defining what in-channel support is.

In-channel IT support is support provided by the IT vendor who sold and installed your POS or other IT system.  What is wrong with that? you might ask.

Nothing per se is wrong with this - except when you begin to understand competition in the market over the last decade has led even large vendors to sell systems on increasingly thin margins.  Evolving revenue models have shifted an increasing percentage of profit from sales of systems to support.  In fact, some even give systems away at cost in return for your credit card and support business.  Therefore, you may be paying more than necessary for IT support.

At AMS H-Desk Pro™ revenues from service do not subsidize anything. As service is our only product, we provide it at competitive rates that full-service in-channel providers can’t compete with for a variety of reasons.  Not selling IT systems becomes a competitive advantage.


Why AMS H-Desk Pro™?

As a community-based enterprise, AMS H-Desk Pro™ is dedicated to building entrepreneurial opportunities for hundreds of independent IT service providers and firms.  In doing so we deliver improved outcomes, better value, and lower costs for customers.

Instilling a vested sense of employee ownership is something every corporate leader has struggled with.  If you have ever asked how you can encourage employees to act more like owners, then you may have been down the same road as well.

Our solution was to create a platform where independent IT service providers can build a portfolio of loyal clients, and team collaboration can be scaled rapidly to deliver projects of any size.  AMS H-Desk Pro™ brings together project managers, programmers, and engineers within an Agile development environment to deliver projects quickly and more cost-effectively than full-service in-channel firms can.  In this way service providers own the process taking responsibility for the results, and in doing so, assure improved outcomes because they hold a vested interest in your success. 

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