MSP & MSSP Service Offering

AMS H-Desk Pro™ provides managed IT and security services to hospitality, retail, financial and professional practices. Areas of specialization include:

Technical Services  - 24/7 Technical Support ▪ Data Security Monitoring & Surveillance Systems ▪ Patch Management ▪ Threat Incident Response ▪ Compliance Monitoring (PCI DSS, HIPPA, SOC 2) ▪ Forensic Security Services ▪ Application Management Support ▪ Data Loss Protection (DLP) 

IT Infrastructure  - Hyperconverged Infrastructure ▪ Edge Computing ▪ Virtualization ▪ Video Surveillance ▪ Access Control ▪ Communications ▪ Data Backup & Recovery ▪ Product Lifecycle Management services with AMS  EverFresh™ PC, Server, Laptop & Infrastructure Replacement  

Software Deployment & Support  -  MS O365 ▪ MS Share Point ▪ Azure Cloud Services ▪ POS Applications

On-Site Services  - National On-site Break-Fix ▪ Deployment ▪ Installation ▪ Technical Staffing 

Third-party contract management is also offered for owners and investors in food services and retail property leasing. Passive owners and investors can operate without direct day-to-day involvement while AMS H-Desk Pro™ assumes fiduciary responsibility and oversight of operations. Structured buyouts, bankruptcy protection, and corporate turnaround services are offered through AMS’s F&B Development and Operations Group.

AMS H-Desk Pro™ real estate services offer retail property managers, owners and investment groups the opportunity to achieve rents greater than fair market value (FMV) and increase the overall FMV of their multi-tenant properties. A managed solution specifically for retail property, we work exclusively with lease managers, developers, urban and rural development agencies to create solutions to fill vacancies, increase traffic and drive revenue growth.

out-of-channel IT Support and
What you need to know about it 

Clients often ask what is out-of-channel IT support, and how can it benefit me?  The best way to answer this is by defining what in-channel support is.

Simply stated, in-channel IT support is provided by the vendor who sold and installed your retail POS or other IT system.  So, what is wrong with that? you may ask.  

Nothing per se is wrong with this - except when you begin to understand the shift in the competitive landscape of the market over the last fifteen-plus years. Two things have happened that have fundamentally changed the way retail POS information systems are sold and how you, the customer, pay for them.
One event has seen software developers become credit card payment processors. By hosting their own payment gateways to credit card clearing houses (VISA, MC, etc.) they are able to set processing rates and retain a greater share of these as profit. 

The second event that has forever changed the competitive landscape has seen large merchant processors, e.g. First Data, buyout software vendors. In doing so they lock in your credit card business while subsidizing the cost of the system. 

In turn this has led even large vendors to sell systems on increasingly thin margins.  Evolving revenue models have seen an increasing percentage of profit shifting from sales of IT systems to support.  In fact, some even give systems away at cost in return for your credit card and support business.  Therefore, you may be paying more than necessary for IT support.

At AMS H-Desk Pro™ revenues from service do not subsidize any other operations. Service is our only product and we provide it at competitive rates that full-service in-channel providers can’t compete with for a variety of reasons.  Not selling IT systems therefore becomes a competitive advantage that benefits you, our valued customer.

Why AMS H-Desk Pro™?

Mission Critical Information Systems - When business continuity and uptime of mission critical information systems count you can count on AMS H-Desk Pro™ to deliver. AMS engineered systems deployed to spec are unique in the industry in that uptime is guaranteed to meet or exceed seven 9s of performance and backed with a financial guarantee against business loss.

Corporate Structure - AMS H-Desk Pro™ is structured as a professional IT practice management firm and is composed of sixteen operating groups. Similar in structure to a medical or law practice, IT professionals work as valued partners gaining ownership with increasing responsibility over time based upon performance and demonstrated competencies.

The benefit of this form of corporation is each channel partner has a vested interest in client outcomes. Your success is tied directly their own and to the channel.

Our philosophy is that owners consistently perform better than employees, and each channel partner within a practice group is held to a different standard by way of this expectation. As a client you should expect more of us, and we stand behind that with a 100% pay-for-success only guarantee.

Trusted Client Advocate - Brand agnostic and value-driven, we work to design and deliver IT solutions that meet your business objectives. As a trusted advocate to pursue a balance between delivering performance and TCO, engineering and design services are available to work with or supplement your current IT staff.

vCTO and vCIO Services - Undertaking DevOps to gain a competitive advantage in the market or streamline business processes can be a challenge. AMS H-Desk Pro™ can provide vCTO services to lead or assist your firm in those efforts, and vCIO services to support them. Our experienced engineering staff can manage your project on either a local or national scale.  

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